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Hi ,

I have just completed my Advanced Medical Transcription Training from KELEARN. The whole experience of learning a new course within the comforts of my home and at my convenient timing was really good.  The Language of Medicine module in the course material which included anatomy, physiology, and pathological conditions of all organ systems in the human body was easy to understand.  The team of experts at the center were always ready to help.  The prompt and clear correction of the tests motivated me to do better each time. The tutors regularly cleared my doubts through phone/mail which is truly commendable.  The final exam was also conducted very systematically.  I take this opportunity to thank the entire team for all the help and guidance extended to me during my course of study. 


Vinitha S

Susan Samuel- Ernakulam


KELEARN Advanced Medical Transcription Training Program was a really amazing experience.  Right from the start, the centre where I was enrolled, to which I had easy access over the phone, and the tutors at KELTRON helped me sail through the whole program easily.  The lucidly put together slides of Language of Medicine with its audio made the theory and the pronunciation of complicated words so easy to understand and comprehend.
The tutors usually shocked me with the promptness with which they responded to our submissions which mostly consisted of "blanks" in the early stages.  I liked the way I was encouraged and egged on to look for answers on the internet - and finding the answers by myself made me aware of the wealth of knowledge waiting for us out there! 
I did not know that an online course could provide such wholesome education.  Credit goes to the Program for making me confident as I enter the world of a Medical Transcriptionist.

Susan Samuel.