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Karnataka Launch
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Rajasekhara- Ernakulam

As a doctor, I am always interested to learn about related subjects like the Medical Transcription. The online KELEARN Advanced Medical Transcription Training Program provided the perfect tools for me to learn about the various aspects of the Medical Transcription at my home, which I could complete as per the prescribed time-schedule at my own convenient timings. All the modules in the training program are very well structured and the step-by-step lessons are very lucidly explained and helpful for all students in general, apart from the medical professionals. I thank Kelearn Helpdesk personnel for guiding me during the various stages of the course. I recommend the above course for all aspirants who are keen and sincere to learn Medical Transcription

Tessy Sebastian - Kollam

This was my first experience in E-learning and it was indeed a great experience. Everything is new to you when you start, but your people have responded well and promptly, and made e-learning a pleasant experience. Even before taking the final exam I got a chance to attend an interview in Technopark. The guidance and support you give is really good. But I feel that 6 months is not enough for somebody who has no knowledge of what Medical transcription is. The training here just gives you an insight into what MT is like. Thank You very much for your support and help Team Kelearn. You are doing a good job.

Kelearn MT Student - Batch 48